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OMNEVO Wellness Academy

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Your main focus is our main focus.  You have a goal? We have a place, a plan, and a positive community to support that goal.  We'd love to learn more about you and your specific health, performance, and wellness goals.  Contact us today and let us know what our experienced training staff can help you with!


The Omnevo Wellness Academy provides a unique approach to health and fitness. Utilizing the best methods and equipment science has to offer, we tailor programs to fit each of our client's needs.  Because each program is unique to the client's needs, we have no limitations to who we can help. Whether you want to lose fat, build muscle, increase energy levels, or get out of pain, we have a program for you! 


  • Semi-Private Personal Training

  • Private Personal Training 

  • Group Classes                       (Omnevo Yoga Training)

  • Pain Programs

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Meet Our Team!



Owner, Head of Operations

Ben is our head of adult training with 10+ years training and wellness experience with a wide variety of adult populations.  Ben uses his background in mindfulness and behavioral training to truly connect with his clients. Ben is well equipped to help anyone live a healthier and more active lifestyle!


Dylan Eglas


Dylan is our joint specialist and strength coach at Omnevo. His seamless integration of strength attributes and mobility give each client a balanced approach to improved movement, balance and strength. Dylan is also a certified massage therapist adding to his understanding of best practices for physical development !



Head of Strength & Conditioning

Dan is our head of athletic and competitive performance training with 10+ years of experience.  Hockey, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Track, Wrestling, Figure Skaters, and Powerlifters are all populations Dan has experience with.  Dan's passion is to help each individual reach their ultimate athletic potential.  If you're an athlete needing serious planning or a competitive lifter looking for an edge, Dan is the best in the business!  


Kevin Louwers


Kevin is our leading pain & movement expert at Omnevo.  If you want to move and feel your best, Kevin is your guy. When not resolving joint pain & movement issues, Kevin enjoys time with his son, playing golf, and doing gymnasitcs!


Julie Rodgers


A health coach who loves connecting with and helping clients in the process of building themselves a body that moves and feels well! Outside of the gym, I enjoy time spent with people I love or out in nature looking up at the birds and snapping photos of the beauty that surrounds us all.

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"3 months into durability classes with coach Kevin and my joints have never felt better!


Coach Ben's integrative advice to couple training with recovery modalities has made all the difference in my overall wellness


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